Tips for Planning Rubbish Removal for a Residential Property

Hiring a rubbish removal company is more complicated than you may think. Here are several tips to help.

Rubbish Types

You might want to hire a junk removal company for a general clean-out of your house and garage, getting rid of old bikes, furniture and appliances, which is a common assignment for a rubbish removal company.

But you should check with businesses if you intend to get rid of other kinds of stuff to see if they will accept it and at what cost. Some companies, for example, will charge extra to pick up green waste like branches, leaves and foliage. They may not take dangerous materials such as asbestos, which requires specialised handling and protocols to prevent the fibres from getting into the air.

You might be surprised that you need to take some general cleaning products and tins full of paint to specialised facilities that will be detailed on your local council's website.


If you're interested in recycling and reducing what goes to landfills, check with proposed rubbish removal companies about what they typically recycle.

Various household items are recyclable, and rubbish removal businesses will know where to take them. White goods, for example, are full of metal that can be recycled. Mattresses can be pulled apart and the different elements reclaimed. Construction rubble, such as crushed concrete, can be used for future building projects. Green waste is another recyclable element. It will be sent to a facility to be made into compost. Additionally, old furniture can be delivered to charity.

Rubbish Removal Cost

If you want an accurate quote for your rubbish removal job, you should be as precise as possible in describing the amount and type of waste you have.

Rubbish removal companies charge in various ways. For example, they may charge per cubic metre or by the hour. The quote will also depend on your trash type; some kinds are more expensive because they need to be taken to a separate facility.

The removalists will deposit some of your trash in a tip, where they'll be charged a fee according to its weight. So this will also be factored into the overall cost. They'll also consider other factors, such as access and distance when working out a quote. If your property is difficult to access or a long way away, the job can take longer and be more complex; thus, it will cost more.

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