Skip Bin Etiquette for Households

Skip bin etiquette. These are probably the last words you ever thought could be used together. After all, etiquette has got nothing to do with tossing waste into a skip bin, right? Wrong. Etiquette has everything to do with how you use your rental skip bin. For instance, you need your neighbours to dispose of their rubbish to enjoy a clean environment properly. Unfortunately, this is something that few households think about, and that is why you end up with waste disposal issues. This article highlights skip bin etiquette.    

Keep Skip Bin Shut — It is common for households to place their rental skip bins on the driveway or the street with the lid wide open for easy dumping of trash. However, leaving skip bin lids open and in full view of the street brings with it several issues. For instance, a bin with open lids is an invitation for other people to use it. Consequently, it makes your bin fill fast. Additionally, open skip bins can fill an entire street with foul smell; hence, making it difficult for neighbours to use the pavement close to your skip bin. The best way to avoid these issues is to ensure the rental skip bin lid is always shut. Only leave it open on the morning of collection day.  

Ask Neighbor to Use Their Skip Bin — As mentioned earlier, you should keep your skip bin lid closed to prevent misuse. However, the truth is that the amount of trash you need to dispose of varies. One time you can go for two weeks without filling your rental skip bin and other times the container might fill in three days, especially during holidays. When this happens, most households tend to secretly dump their trash in their neighbour's skip bin without permission. Not only is it poor skip bin etiquette, but it also rubs your neighbour's the wrong way when they find out. Obviously, the other alternative is to keep excess trash in your trash can until another skip bin arrives. That said, it is best to ask your neighbour if you can use their skip bins. Doing so will save you a lot of money and a foul smell.

Don't Overfill Your Skip Bin — Overfilling skip bins is a long-standing practice among households regardless of rental skip bin firms indicating the capacity of individual skip bins. Most homes do this in a bid to maximise their rental bins. However, overfilling skip bins only works to your disadvantage. Some local councils and garbage collection firms only pick what is in the skip bins, and any overflowing trash is left for the owner to address. Therefore, make sure that you can shut the bin's lid on collection day.

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