What to Know about Hoarder Rubbish Removal Services

As a rental property owner, you may encounter a tenant that is a hoarder. If you have evicted that tenant, they might leave the rental as is. This can be a difficult task to deal with, especially when it comes to the proper removal of the rubbish. If you are facing this type of hoarder issue and you need a rubbish removal service, here are a few things to know. These key points will help you understand what to expect through the process.

Assessment of the Hoarding

The first thing you need to know about hoarder rubbish removal services deals with the assessment. The rubbish company will need to come in and view the property, specifically the areas you want to have rubbish removed from. The assessment will review the type of items present and what types of removal procedures are necessary. The assessment is vital to determine if certain steps are necessary for the safety of your property, yourself, and the workers working on the removal.

Plan of Action

When the assessment process is completed, a plan of action will be discussed. This is usually a consultation between you and the rubbish removal service. The plan of action takes the assessment of the hoarder rubbish and designs a plan to remove the rubbish in the safest way possible with the least amount of time. The removal service will let you know during this consultation if there are any special considerations such as possible hazardous waste or asbestos. If any special considerations are present, the removal company will discuss your options and any related pricing changes.

Removal Process

Depending on the items that are part of the removal, your rubbish company will have skip bins sent to the home. The skip bins will be removed and replaced as needed through the process. If you have special removal considerations, the removal for those items will be scheduled for specific times so that the proper health steps can be put in place. The last step of the removal process will be to discuss cleaning options if available. Once the items are removed, you can begin the renovation and cleaning processes.

Keep in mind, you will need to ask about rubbish removal services that are specific to hoarder environments. Your removal company can help with the removal of the items and suggest a cleaning service when the removal is finished. They can also help you with pricing questions and scheduling.

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