Skip to it: Four factors to consider when hiring a skip bin

Are you about to tackle a substantial DIY project involving the removal of a fair-sized amount of rubbish from the property? If so, the average sulo bin won't be up for the task, and you'll need the services of a skip bin. Skip bin hire is useful for everything from a small office recon to a landscape gardening overhaul. Whatever your project, consider these factors for a seamless skip bin experience.

1. Type of rubbish

Believe it or not, there are different types of skips for different jobs. You will need to consider the type of material going into the skip. Knocking down retaining walls in the back yard? You'll need a skip that can handle bricks and cement. Pulling up carpets? You'll need a general household waste skip. These types of skips are also handy for old appliances/white goods and so on so make the most of your skip type and get rid of everything you don't want that can be accepted in your bin.

2. Size

Skip bins come in cubic metre measurements, generally varying from 3 cubic metres up to 8 cubic metre maxi bins. Carefully consider your size requirements as it will save you money (the bigger the skip, the higher the cost). If you are doing a general clean out (say, of a small estate) it's unlikely you'll need an 8m bin. That size would be used more for demolition. That said, however, don't be too stingy. The last thing you'll want is to have to order a second skip because you miscalculated and ended up with a too-small skip. 

3. Placement on property

Think about where you want the bin placed. Ideally, the skip should be positioned closed to the area requiring clean up, but be mindful of things like the type of surface and proximity to fragile property such as garden beds or the car. Look for a position that provides the best access without being too near anything that could get damaged. 

4. What's not allowed - NEVER ALLOWED

Be mindful of what is not allowed in the skip. Materials such as asbestos, dangerous chemicals, paint tins (containing paint) and general household food rubbish (to name a few) are not permitted to be placed in skips. 

Regardless of the project, if you take these factors on board you'll make the best use of your skip bin, and your time, to move your project to the next stage. 

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