What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Skip Bins for Your Office

If you need to pick a skip bin for your office, you need to ensure you take the time to find one that works for your space and your staff. Skip bins may all look alike to you, but they can vary greatly in the features they offer and how easy they are to manage. You also want to find a skip bin company that offers the services you need with your bin. Note a few things to consider when choosing commercial skip bins for your office and then discuss your options with a skip bin rental or sales agent.

1. Maneuverability

Small skip bins with wheels that don't spin can be difficult to maneuver around your office, if you should need to move the bin when cleaning out a space. A larger bin with wheels that spin are often easier to work around corners and obstacles, but you want to ensure you don't get one too large to easily manage by your office staff. You also need to consider the weight of the bin once it's full. If you regularly toss out items like packaging supplies, binders, bottles, and anything other than paper, you may do well to get several smaller bins rather than a large bin if you'll need to maneuver them to different locations in the office.

2. Onsite destruction

If your office works with highly sensitive documents such as medical records, legal records, and the like, you may not be comfortable with these items being taken out of the office, even in a bin. Ask the bin company if they offer onsite destruction. You can then have everything in the bin shredded or incinerated in their truck before it leaves your facility, for maximum protection of your information and so that your office staff doesn't need to spend their time standing over a shredder, destroying documents for you.

3. Ask how bins were used previously

If you're going to be renting bins rather than buying a new bin, ask how they were used previously. Bins used for cleaning out an older home or commercial space, for organic waste, for old appliances and other such jobs may have a distinct odor that you don't want in the office or even right outside the office, under the windows. Ask specifically for bins that were used for office or other clean waste instead and don't hesitate to send a bin back if you notice such an odor.

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